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Slacker-Luddites of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose…

You knew it was coming.

The first day the iPad went on retail sale in the United States, some fools took handheld videocam footage of themselves destroying this piece of technology. (Gizmodo story)

There strikes me as something very sad about this story.

Its not as if these kids hated the iPad itself – after all they clearly had just bought three of them, leaving us with definite impression that they’d take the survivors home with them to play with and enjoy. And it certainly isn’t as if they destroyed the iPad to make a political statement. Its not as if the iPad threatens their jobs or way of life.

No, they destroyed the iPad in search of their few seconds of Internet fame. (Andy Warhol’s famous fifteen minutes has since been downsized to a comfortable fifteen seconds – about all I could stomach, and all that was necessary to watch of their youTube video.)

Artifacts of technological wonder get destroyed all the time. A Formula One car spins out of control. A rocket blows up on the launch pad. A Las Vegas casino is collapsed by a controlled demolition. But these destructions have a point. Our engineers will learn from the  failures, making our cars and rockets of the future better. And the land cleared by the fallen casino will make way for something larger and splashier.

Have our youth become so detached from the wonder of the making things as to treat the work of others with such utter disrespect? One cannot but suspect that if any of these cretins had ever spent a week struggling to come up with the absolute perfect engineering solution to a difficult problem they would have not been so quick to pull out the baseball bat.

In my opinion, Gizmodo – and the other leading gadget sites – should consider a moratorium on these pointless destruction of new technology stories. They achieve nothing, other than encouraging future vandalism.