Welcome American Spectator readers

A special welcome to American Spectator readers. A couple words about me:

Contrary to what you might believe, not everyone who posts contrary opinions on the American Spectator blog is a witless commie-lib. I’m a business owner; midwestern; college educated.

My first vote in a Presidential Election was for Ronald reagan. And looking back over the intervening years my votes went something like: Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Bush – Obama. I’m hardly a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

The problem is, something went wrong for conservatism in this country. While I could cheer  –  as an economics graduate from one of the most prestigious schools in the country – Ronald Reagan bringing down the top income tax rate from 70% – somewhere along the line I figured out that cutting it from 35% to 30% wasn’t going to do quite the same thing. And, in fact, it was likely to cause grave damage. sorry if you think that’s unfair, or wealth redistribution, or socialism. But thats the way I see it.

I’ll admit the second time I voted for George W. Bush – I had to hold my nose. I felt, and still feel, that he had been less than honest about what was happening in Iraq prior to 2003. I don’t believe he invaded Iraq to get even for his dad, or because he wanted to boost oil company profits. I believe he invaded Iraq because he figured a) Americans were scared after 9/11 and b) even though he didn’t have proof they had WMD – he had a hunch they would.

Sorry – but when you’re spending trillions of dollars and risking thousands of lives – you need better than a hunch.

One the social side of things: I don’t believe Government has any business getting involved in religion. And I also don’t believe that Religion has any place getting involved in Government. Pat Robertson? That’s you I’m talking about. Also the Pope; America’s Catholic bishops; or the Grand Mufti.

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